The Significance Of Christian Clothing

In basic terms, clothing is meant to guard the body and the skin from adjustments in climate, defend from mud etc. With development in fashion business, designers had been encouraged to bring revolutionary changes. New designs were launched; artificial clothing gradually overtook the cotton clothing. Although some artificial clothing is allergic to skin, folks started utilizing them unmindful of the warning given by researchers. Maybe now we have reached a stage where the basic tenets of dress code namely, simplicity seems to have been forgotten.

Christian clothing advocates simplicity. This is particularly true in case of those that attend the Sunday services. Apart from big day superb clothing was not encouraged by many churches. Some clergy began wearing formal dresses instead of the traditional robes etc. They argue that by wearing the formal dress, the psychological hole between the clergy and the common man is eradicated and other people come nearer to know the Christ.

Some Christian clergy say that the dress we wear exhibits the social status. For example, a businessman or a king wearing a specific robe speaks of his status. The clothes we wear are a non-verbal communication and it ought to be such that it depicts the Christ in us. In so far as jewellery is concerned, Christians are expected to wear simple ornaments and cosmetics. They must hand over those Jewellery and ornaments which encourage or are more likely to incite adultery or are seductive in nature. This is because such jewellery is more likely to encourage negative emotions in us.

Actually the same analysis applies to the dress as well. Though the dress we wear is a sign of our status, the dress ought to be such that it should not be seductive and at every level of time, it should spread the Christianity. That’s the reason why folks wear clothes on which the preaching of Jesus is printed. An image of Jesus or the cross reminds the individual wearing the material as also the individual seeing the cloth the love of Christ to the humanity. It reassures him of His presence and that brings in a moral fear in him and thereby he tries to be true Christian.

Many clergy point out to the Bible where the dress code is extensively dealt with. How the dress should be and the way the dress we wear helps to spread the message of Jesus is defined in nice element within the Holy Bible.